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A Spiritual Program

 What is offered is a spiritual program for teens and adults.  Spirituality signifies the life force existing through out all creation often spoken of as the spirit or life-force of the All.  

 An inner feeling and knowing occurs that allows students who are receiving love to become loving themselves.  

Holistic Approach

 Rudolph Steiner, founder of the Waldorf method of education, said, “Education must work with what lies deep in the soul, otherwise we will not progress. We must, therefore, ask how education affects the nature of the human will.” One of the best ways to develop the will is through artistic activities. What people receive through artistic activity always gives them joy. 

A Peaceful Way


This program will help to reduce fear, anger and violence in the world, increase expression of creativity from those participating, and reduce the amount of health issues that people have along with reducing the amount of damage that is being done to the Earth. 

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Contact Lisa McKenzie to schedule, or with inquiries: lmckenzie1light@gmail.com or 602-579-9461

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