Lisa's Bio

 Here is some information about my background. My background includes being an ordained new thought minister.  I am a certified Montessori teacher with a history of teaching teens in public and charter schools. I have a background as a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Education. I also have earned a master’s degree in Business Administration. I have been teaching meditation classes in various locations for seven years. Currently I am starting a holisic spiritual center including a program for teens and  meditation classes for adults. This is a teen program with a focus on teaching to prepare individuals to live their lives in a way that allows the flowing of creative expression.  

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Meditation Journey to Joy & Peace


 In  meditation class we focus and quiet the thinking mind as we train it to rest upon feeling & imagining of Golden Light flowing within.    

Golden light flows through the body to places where there is stress, anxiety, discomfort and disease, being aware of feeling emotion in these locations in the body. As you fill these places with golden light, wholeness is restored. You will be able to create balance and harmony in your life as you process and clear old patterns and beliefs.   

Teen Shine: Teens Giving Hope



Goals for Inner Character Development are: help youth to be aware of feelings, introduce meditation, effective ways to communicate, a life lived with values, discover talents & gifts, introduce yoga. 

Goals for Creative Expressions: express creatively through art, dance, singing, music, drumming, drama, and storytelling.

Goals for Embracing Nature:  Importance of trees, gardening and growing organic/non-GMO plants, the nutritional value of foods, importance of clean water, plants with medicinal uses, and animals in nature. Weekend retreats in nature settings.

Healing Sessions


Healing sessions offered by Lisa.  She uses the pure essence of Spirit flowing from an open doorway within her heart to bring healing to others on all levels; physical mental, emotional,  and soul/spirit.  Healing sessions are personalized for each individual. 

Lisa has been doing healing work with others for 25 years, using 'laying on of hands' as well as Reiki as a Reiki Master.  She has been practicing meditation for over 9 years, and has been learning a very sacred technique of healing that has been revealed to her through ongoing learning in meditation retreats.  

Manifest with Meditation


The practice of this meditation is a way for you to become beings who can create and manifest your dreams and desires for joy, love and abundance.  A way of giving as you learn how to open a doorway within the heart that allows the essence of Spirit to flow in and through your body and out into the world, bringing the purest of love and light to others on your journey.  The doorway within the heart opens as power of Divine Mind joins with love of the feminine heart.  

Improve the Flow of Your Life with Coaching


  Our coaching is a designed relationship between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client. You know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be hidden inside. Private sessions are to allow clarity to arise from within as guidance is provided with a focus on clearing emotion and discovering purpose. 

What is Your Purpose?



Purposeful Life: Everyone has a purpose or a reason for being here. The reason why you are here is not just to have a job and earn a paycheck to pay bills. The reason you are here is a much deeper experience of the soul and spirit of each of you. Develop an awareness of your purpose, how to live your life in a purposeful way, and why this is important to your evolution of your soul and spirit.